At Jimas authentic Taoist arts including Tai Chi, Hsing-I, Ba Gua, Taoist yoga and meditation
are all taught to the highest standards.

Taoism stretches back deep into Asian history allegedly having begun with the mythical figure of the Yellow Emperor who lived somewhere in China’s Golden Age of 2852-2255 BC. However Lao Tzu and later Chuang Tzu amongst others helped develop the thinking on Taoism, but it is unclear as to when and where Taoism originated.

One of the fundamental principles underlying Taoism is the interplay of the mutually interdependent phenomenon of Ying and Yang, which is believed to permeate everything.

The famous Taoist Sage Ko Hung wrote;

“Man is within Chi, and Chi is within Man. From the great cosmos, down to each separate object,
nothing can exist without it.

The approach of Jimas is to introduce to the student real practice that helps to create a balance of Yin and Yang within the body, which in turn promotes a healthy mind and body that will touch the student to their deepest energetic level. In these times of modernization man has lost touch with its root, Jimas will put you back in touch with your real nature and help you to develop your intrinsic Chi.

Jimas teaches authentic Taoist Yoga that will leave your body feeling re-energized. Not only does it open up your Chi channels, but also works on any stiffness that your body may have acquired over the years.

At Jimas there is a strong attention to detail on the art of standing. The process of standing is as important to the internal arts as breathing is to life. Without them it simply cannot work. Jimas focuses on real body alignment which stops any pressure on the joints and muscles, which in turn opens up all the Chi channels that have become blocked. Your Chi will flow developing a calm mind, healthy immune system and most importantly ‘root'.

Jimas teaches Yang Tai Chi which is easy to learn and from your knowledge of standing you will become aware of the ebb and flow of chi within your whole body.