When I first met Shrfu Park I had already been studying the internal martial arts for five years. However, after only spending five minutes with him I soon realized
I was still a beginner. My pride a little dented I earnestly
practiced what Shrfu taught me. Since then my eyes twinkle, Chi flows and my ‘root’ has significantly developed.
I urge anyone whether beginner or more experienced to train with Shrfu as his understanding of the internal arts is rare to find. With an ever ready smile and softness that hide’s real ability Shrfu Park will change your body and mind. Not a day goes by when I don’t count myself lucky to have met him.

...... Thomas Greensmith , UK .....

Master Park is truly a master at planting seeds. A farmer of enlightening minds, he has an ineffable patience, self-assuredly and kindly giving his students a growing inkling that they really are capable of enacting the pure potentiality of the universe of which they are a part (check out the texts concerning quantum physics, friends).
"The divine turtle comes out of the water"
Turn this obscure phrase into a "six-pack", at the very least, as you do the exercises in class. Beyond that, challenge your own limitations, as to the underlying meaning, which can only put you in touch with the threads of energy which run through you, and which you can command at will; mind and body interconnection.
What a completely awakening and reaffirming experience this has been. Master Park is genius in motion.

...... Holly Flaherty , Canada .....


I stidied Chinese Kung Fu for years, with teachers both in the east and west.
In all my travels, I have yet to find a teacher who so openly shares his wealth of knowledge with stedents.
In studying with Shrfu Park, I found there were no tricks, or attempts to sway your mind by fancy displays of skill.
What you can learn from him is true internal Kung Fu.
If you put forth the effort, dedication, and desire, it will be returned ten fold with patience, understanding , and skill.
Shrfu Park is a teacher of the highest quality and I recommend students of all skill levels to seek his expertise.

...... Marc Weinrick , USA .....